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1 Confirmation with Jeff and Phil – launches in India

We cover all the latest news in crypto. Shopify accepts crypto. Solve.Care has major news and we interview CEO Ashish Sinhal. Join Us! It’s Confirmed!

1 Confirmation with Jeff and Phil – Episode 5

Bitcoin reached 10,000 briefly this week before plunging. What does the future hold for Bitcoin? How does it work and why will it succeed where Fiat has failed? What...

1 Confirmation with Jeff and Phil – Episode 4

Bitcoin 6300. Why is Bitcoin so secure as compared to the fiat? Jeff discusses with Phil all the ins and outs of Bitcoin, Ethereum and more! Join us!

1 Confirmation with Jeff and Phil – Episode 3

Bitcoin 8000! As COVID-19 spreads globally into a pandemic – what does this mean for Bitcoin? Bitcoin ATMs are being sized by law enforcement! What can you do to...

1 Confirmation with Jeff and Phil – Episode 2

If we say it, it’s confirmed! Bitcoin $8700! The US Stock Market plummets. What does this mean for Bitcoin? Ripple is being sued for being unregistered security. Will they...

1 Confirmation with Jeff and Phil – Epidode 1

Bitcoin 10300, IRS wants your Crypto Holdings, the latest on the US Government lawsuit against Crypto Ninja CEO Larry Harmon, MT Gox Bankruptcy news and more! Join us!

Around The Block – Episode 28

Bitcoin is at 9,000 again! China doesn’t ban bitcoin! Mastercard launches a ‘getting started’ kit in Asia! We interview Alejandro with Poolin – What real mining is all about!...

Around The Block – Episode 27

Bitmain establishes 50MW facility in Rockdale, Texas. The IMF warns that banks are losing control of the fiat narrative. We discuss what will happen if the US continues to...

Around The Block – Episode 26

In this episode we discuss the IRS demand of citizens to reveal their bitcoin holdings. Are IRS Audits coming? We also discuss the failing Facebook Libra. Visa, MC and...

Around The Block – Episode 25

A Deep Dive on Bitcoin and Fiat. The SEC wants to regulate Bitcoin with star ratings, the Feds are injecting hundreds of billions, there are massive threats to the...

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